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Contacting and attending Swish in 2022

We are minimising non-essential face-to-face contact to protect you and our staff, but please be rest assured that if you need to be seen, we will be able to see you safely. Please contact us for a telephone or video consultation for sexual health advice, contraception and if you have sexual health symptoms you are concerned about (0300 1245010).

If you would like a STI screen and have no symptoms please click this link to request an online home STI test.

Attending a Swish Clinic 

If you have a booked face-to-face appointment, PLEASE WEAR A MASK OR FACE COVERING at your appointment.

Please undertake a COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test prior to you attendance at clinic.

Please DO NOT attend a face to face appointment at Swish if:

  • Your Lateral Flow test is positive
  • You have symptoms of COVID-19 or a COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • You or have suspected COVID-19 and are waiting for a COVID-19 test result.

Please tell the Nurse, Doctor or contact us on 0300 1245010 if you have been invited for an appointment but you meet one or more of the criteria above.

Consultation and Treatment  

When you are called for your appointment, you will be seen by a doctor or a nurse. A chaperone may also be present.

On occasions we may ask you if you’d mind if a medical student or other trainees could be present for your consultation. If you feel uncomfortable please do let us know. 

You’ll be asked some further questions about your current problem, your general health and sexual history, including your sexual orientation.

If you are being tested for a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

The Nurse or Doctor will talk with you about your concerns/symptoms and ask about any sex you have had. It’s important to be honest about this so that you get the test (s) and treatment you need. The test could include taking swabs and/or blood tests and giving a urine sample. It is essential that male patients haven’t passed urine (peed) for three hours before the appointment 

Receiving test results

Some results can be available during your visit. Others are usually ready in 7-10 days and will be sent to you via a text message (or you can telephone the clinic if you do not want to receive a text) 

If your test was positive for any infection, you can return to the clinic for free treatment. In order to reduce the chance of complications, it's important your infection is treated as soon as possible.

Our Health Advisors and Nurses will provide you with information on the infection and its complications if left untreated.

Any sexual partner(s) you’ve had in the past three months will also need to be tested and treated for the infection. Treating your partner(s) will reduce the spread of the infection and development of its complications.

Our staff can help you to inform your partners in a timely manner without compromising your confidentiality. Contacting sexual partners to notify them of an STI is called contact tracing.

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